Twiggy Mak & Associates Clinical Psychology Services


We are a group of clinical psychologists and educators who endeavour to promote psychological resilience and well-being to the general public by providing quality and professional psychological services.

We encounter challenges and adversities in different stages of our lives; for example, academic stress, relationship problems, and grief. Our emotions will normally be stirred up when we are facing these adversities. Sometimes, these negative feelings will dissipate as we resolve the problem. However, these feelings may also accumulate and lead to a variety of emotional and mental distress.

Psychotherapy is a way to help us understand and manage our emotions and behavior based on the principles in psychology. Most people benefit from psychotherapy by gaining insight into why we think and behave the way we do, so that they learn new ways of handling their stress.

If you see therapy as a way out for you (or for your relatives/friends), you are welcome to contact us.