Mr. Eddie Li

Eddie Li Kam-wah Clinical Psychologist and Senior Consultant

Registered Clinical Psychologist, Hong Kong Psychological Society

M. Soc. Sc. (Clinical Psychology) (HKU)

Chartered Psychologist (Clinical) UK

Fellow, Hong Kong Psychological Society

Medal of Honour (HKSAR)

Mr. Eddie LI has more than 30 years of clinical experience. He worked in clinics and hospitals under the Mental Health Service of the Government for 10 years. He was once attached to the Addenbrooke’s Hospital of Cambridge, UK, for advanced training. He subsequently joined the Hong Kong Police (30,000+ in strength). He was the first local psychologist appointed to the position of Senior Clinical Psychologist.

With his extensive experience in Clinical Psychology, Mr. Li provides the following expert service:

(1) Psychological treatment of different psychological disorders, including depression, trauma, anxiety disorders, male health issues, personality and behavioral changes, social adjustment, relationship issues and stress related psychological difficulties.

(2) Special psychological assessment – diagnostic evaluation, forensic reports.

(3) Staff training and support for companies and organizations – stress management, crises management, psychological first aid, mental health promotion, counseling skills and other psychological competencies.

(4) Training for personal development – training in positive psychology and personal growth, psychological sculpture.

Details of Mr. LI’s work and training experiences

Work Experiences and Social Services
Honorary Associate Professor & Clinical Supervisor, HKU & CUHK
Chairman of the Advisory Panel on Clinical Psychology, HKU & CUHK
Member, Mental Health Review Tribunal
Chairman, Work and Employment Subcommittee of the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
Critical Incident Team Member, Hong Kong Psychological Society
Chairman, Hong Kong Clinical Psychologists Association
Consultant, Teacher training of children whose parents left to work in large cities, Shanxi Province

Training Experiences

Hong Kong Red Cross
Sichuan’s Prosthetic hospital